Carl Studna

Carl is a world-renowned photographer, inspirational speaker, teacher and author of the multi-award winning books, CLICK! Choosing Love, One Frame At A Time, and Evolution Of Loving.

Carl’s intimate portraits of influential people ranging from Sir Paul McCartney to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, are published and known worldwide.

Studna’s innovative work, the LuminEssence Method©, teaches a new paradigm for radiating the light that resides within, revealing each person’s authentic gifts.


Cynthia James

Cynthia James is a transformational specialist guiding people as they make changes for lasting healing in their lives.

Cynthia excels as a speaker, coach, singer and multiple-award winning author of What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence.

Cynthia has coached and supported thousands of people into vibrant living.

Jean Hendry

Jean is an image and presence expert focused on supporting people in confidently living the fullest versions of themselves – their Brilliant Best! She helps them recognize and own their internal essence and align it with their external presentation. This includes identifying the colors, shapes and styles of clothing, accessories, hair and if appropriate, makeup, that represent the unique, authentic self. The results? Increased confidence, self-esteem, presence and clarity.

Pamela Law

Pamela Law has been a leader in the beauty industry for twenty-five years specializing in hair, makeup, and styling for photography and video, editorial, weddings, and special events.

Pamela’s clients include best selling authors, musicians, motivational speakers, and leaders in the professional business arena.

Throughout every assignment, Pamela brings her gifts and enhances each person’s individual beauty revealing their true essence with understanding, love, and compassion.